Women’s Health Week / RU OK Day 2022

August 22, 2023

Women’s Health Week / RU OK Day

Women’s Health Week was celebrated in Brisbane office from 5th September to 11th September which focused on women’s health, wellbeing and wellness. To kick start the women’s health week and for RU OK Day, TTSPH invited representatives from the Centre Against Sexual Violence and Immigrant Women’s Support Service Organisation to talk about their organisations and how do they provide support for women’s wellbeing and mental health.

To create awareness and promote the health and wellbeing of all staff members, the Diversity, and Inclusion Committee organized group PT sessions, which included a mix of Pilates, Ab Core workout and weights /strength exercises. The sessions were set up in a boot camp style workout. There were about eight different stations with two exercises each. The employees participated in a team of two and alternated the exercises at each station before rotating to the next station. Some of the exercises included lunges, squats, triceps dips and push-ups. The sessions were of the right length and very beneficial.

Towards the end of Women’s Health Week, the team also organised a health and fitness Wing Chun-Kung Fu by Brendan. The class practiced Sui Lim Toa form, balance and standing position, energy flow exercises, and self-defence light drills.

Overall, Women’s Health Week was quite impactful. All the events were enjoyed by the staff members and highlighted the importance of a healthy lifestyle.