Donation to Substation33

August 11, 2022

Donation to Substation33

This month, the IT department at TTSPH donated a significant amount of unused IT resources to a social enterprise called Substation33.

Substation33 offers alternative arrangements for the disposal of electronic waste, placing great significance on the Circular Economy.

At Substation33, they provide an environment where volunteers and employees can gain confidence and feel empowered to develop employment skills to use in their transition to more satisfactory employment.

Training and employment opportunities are also provided to both volunteers and employees, such as:

  • Electronic waste collection and processing;
  • Waste audits – to international standards;
  • Work experience activities;
  • Return to work placements;
  • Hackathons; and
  • Innovation space facilitation and mentoring.

It is amazing to see how the unused items of our IT department can provide so much opportunity to others.

A big well done to the IT department for this great act of corporate social responsibility, and continuing the flow of the Circular Economy!