Suva Showroom Opening

July 13, 2017

Asco Motors Fiji Showroom Re-opening

In Fiji, Toyota has ruled the automobile industry for generations, it is not only a trusted brand but is also the number one choice when investing in a vehicle.

The showroom displays a wide range of Toyota and Yamaha products that have ruled the hearts of Fijians for many years. One of the favorites is the Toyota Hilux, which immediately grabs your attention the minute you walk into the showroom.

The showroom had been closed for approximately ten months for renovation works and a lot of customers were eager to experience the change. There were a number of challenges, such as weather, shipment that slightly delayed the construction works, however, the showroom was ready in time for the scheduled launch.

More than a hundred people comprised of Business Owners, Government Ministers, Diplomats and the members of the Media, attended the cocktail event last month to get a feel of the newly renovated showroom. The reopening was a successful one, as the company received very positive feedbacks from the guests. The air-conditioned environment adds great value, as it not only cushions the typical Suva weather but also provides a very comfortable setting that helps in making positive investment decisions.

Asco Motors Fiji is committed to living up to its standards and promises to remain the strongest automobile group in the region.