TTSPH Brisbane Raises Money for Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

July 21, 2021

Australia Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

TTSPH Brisbane Raises Money for Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

International Men’s Health Week (14th – 20th June) is a worldwide week of focus on men’s health. It is an important opportunity to highlight men’s health, what it means to be healthy and what needs to be done to improve male health. This week challenges the perception that seeking help is a sign of weakness — a gender stereotype which can be extremely detrimental to the wellbeing of men and boys.

In the month of June, the TTSPH Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Committee helped raise awareness of the importance of regular health checks for every man. One of the biggest health risks for men is  prostate cancer, with 45 men being diagnosed with this life threatening cancer each day. 

See below some statistics surrounding prostate cancer in Australian Men:

  • Every 30 minutes one more man will hear the news he has prostate cancer.
  • 1 in 6 Aussie men are likely to be diagnosed by the age of 85.
  • 3,100 men die from prostate cancer each year.
  • 16,700 men are expected to be given a diagnosis of prostate cancer each year


 Sit-Up Challenge – 18th June 2021 

 On Friday 18th June 2021, Amy Boreland – HR Coordinator, on behalf of the D&I Committee, hosted the TTSPH Sit-up Challenge from 12-12:30pm to help raise money for Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA). 

The PCFA helps reduce the impact of prostate cancer for Australian men, their partners and families. Mr Masahiro Kuwahara – Manager Director, generously pledged on behalf of TTSPH, to donate $1 for every sit-up completed during the 30 minute time frame to PCFA.

By participating in this challenge, TTSPH employees helped raise money to help cover the cost of diagnosis, treatment and support for prostate cancer patients and their families. 

To help inspire and motivate the TTSPH Sit-Up Challenge participants to complete as many sit-ups (or push-ups) as they could, a Greatest Sporting Moments video was played in the background – and it worked! The 17 employees who participated in the challenge completed a total of 821 sit-ups (or push-ups) during the 30 minute timeframe. Manish Yadav – Group IT Operations Manager, went above and beyond the target of 45 sit-ups (or push-ups), completing a total of 116 push-ups! 

Thank you to Gaetan Fontaine – Field Parts & Service Manager for keeping a tally of all the sit-ups and push-ups completed during the event. A big thank you to everyone who participated in the challenge: Amy Boreland, Daniel Fernandez, Denzil Robertson, Gaetan Fontaine, Hank Zwitser, Jackson Keatinge, Kosei Sekito, Manish Yadav, Masahiro Kuwahara, Midori Matsumura, Namiko Kato, Nick Lancaster, Selene Lowe, Tom Harmer, Vicky McElwaine, Vishnu Agastya and Yuri Nakatsu. Finally, thank you to those spectators who helped hold down feet (for those doing sit-ups), count repetitions and cheer on the participants – it was a team effort!