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information technology

The TTSPH Information Technology Team supports the Brisbane head office as well as teh South Pacific distributors. IT is a Team of dedicated men and women geographically spread across the Group with a presence "on the ground" in Brisbane, Fiji and PNG. The Team engages with quality
partners, with the objective of providing our customers first class communications and information technologies, in the services we provide, across
the many varied markets of which the TTSPH Group does business in.

To achieve this Group IT is focused on the following themes,

1.Investing in its most important IT asset – its Team members

2. Ensuring that financial investments in IT improve the results of programs across the Group;

3. Ensuring information is appropriately secure and protected;

4. Identifying areas where optimization and/or common solutions can be leveraged across the Group; and

5. Ensuring that IT projects are delivered on time, within budget, and produce expected
results and outcomes.

The success of Group IT depends on one core requirement, which is the effective and efficient management and dissemination of information, and dovetails with TTCs vision of being a dynamic organization that is able to grow across the region. Realizing this vision necessitates the efficient and effective management and dissemination of information. Thus, being information-driven is the mandate that drives the Group IT, and is embodied in Group IT mantra; One Team, No Boundaries.

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